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What’s in your Medications

Julian Assange Deal

Ivan Raiklin Target List (Unconfirmed)

A list that purports to be the Deep State Target List that Ivan Raiklin was referring to in his recent video. We do not guarantee the Validity of this list but have it here for your viewing.

Leave Our Kids Alone (Website Link)


Coles Cash Process

Cult of Baal

A Pole Shift. A Detailed Military Assessment
Link-: https://apps.dtic.mil/sti/pdfs/AD1040918.pdf

State Disaster Mitigation Plan

The Great Artesian Basin Threat

SMSF deadline looming
Sent your paperwork in?

The ATO SMSF lodgment deadline is fast approaching. Our team of specialist accountants are working hard to meet it, and they can only do it if you have sent them all the requested paperwork. So help us help you. Send in your paperwork if you haven’t already.  We will not be responsible for late lodgment if we do not receive the required information by 28 February. 
The Light Australia
Helping others to see the truth
We’re an active supporter of like-minded and are delighted to sponsor The Light Australia. If you haven’t already grabbed your copy do so here, and consider buying some extra copies to share the love in your neighbourhood. It’s a refreshing read (as you can see from our much loved copy pictured here). 
  Gathering important stories Others need to hear. Share yours. What have you experienced, and what have you learnt about your finances and the way the world works, since ‘the madness’ started in early 2020? For example, did you: lose your job/income as a ‘non-essential worker’?  work from home and/or homeschool your kids? take early access to your super? lose business and/or go bankrupt?  have to sell your home because of interest rates hikes or income loss? lose your job and/or a place to live?   what else?  We’re supporting Carl from Voice of Freedom on a documentary capturing the stories of everyday Aussies. These experiences need to be heard, shared and understood.
Contact Carl at carl@vofhq.com to share yours. 
Join Cass & the team Wagga RSL 22 Feb
Ainslie Group Family Bullion 1 cropJoin Cass & the team, experts from Ainslie Bullion, and more to hear some ‘golden’ insights about SMSFs.

Wagga RSL, NSW 6:30pm Thurs 22 Feb
Bookings essential and 3 lucky registered guests will win a 1/2 oz silver coin.
The Great Taking
by David Rogers Webb
We keep our eye on what’s happening around the world and share important, new information. If you haven’t already seen The Great Taking published last year – the plan to take all our assets and end privately owned property – it’s a must read/watch.  The Great Taking – Free PDF file to read The Great Taking – 1 hour video to watch When you do, please don’t become fearful or stressed. As the author says “To not know is bad. To not want to know is worse.” Think about this information as necessary knowledge for positive change. To take effective action, we first need to know the plans.   
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Testing Tech in Paradise

Sabrina Wallace


Digital ID Bill 2023 Submission


Call for submissions and evidence to the COVID-19 Response Inquiry

The COVID-19 Response Inquiry Panel invites interested people and organisations to make a submission and/or provide evidence to inform recommendations that aim to improve Australia’s preparedness for future pandemics.


OK New Zealand Government you are now under world scrutiny

How much Debt are we in Find out here

Peoples Referendum Questions

YouTube Censorship is in full Swing
NUN2K & The Voice of Freedom Channels are Bank online.

You can also find VOF on
Voi Cefreedon on YouTube
The Voice of Freedom on Rumble

Censorship Information Show 18-09-2023

Documents and FOI (Freedom of Information) can be found Here

Pandemic Preparedness ????????

You can find the Consultation process here


Fake Aboriginal History & Culture Revealed

Bill Shorten LIES (The Voice = 1 PAGE) HAHAHA! Here’s the document

A Bill for an Act to Amend the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013

Excess mortality attributed to heat and cold: a health impact
assessment study in 854 cities in Europe (The Lancet)

These 2 graphs use the same data! The first is from The Lancet Article and it looks very different can you see Why????

What does this teach you???

‘My Place’ & the ‘Voice of Freedom’ are bringing UNITY back into CommUNITY

In your Town/Suburb/City – LOOK at www.myplaceaustralia.org – to find your closest or start one in your town/Suburb/City – come on Australia let’s do this!!

Our live shows are a great way to put your ‘My Place’ on the map – such exciting times – we would love to visit your ‘My Place’ contact sheree@vofhq.com and let us organise a show for you – some sub-committees being formed at ‘My Places’ are:- Council – Food Security & Health (natural)

Get together with like minded people – bring friends and family and grow these communities – after the last couple of years we have been torn apart – we need this – so let’s Put the UNITY back into CommUNITY!!


Contact Carl or Vince – carl@vofhq.com or vince@vofhq.com to organise a show…